Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Not a Stereotype

I wrote this caption in a public library, which was crowded as fuck. Yet I still had the balls the cycle through my giant collection of Ulzzang girls looking for the perfect picture with other people only a few feet away.

I did this one entirely on Gimp, so let me know if there are typos, because I'll actually be able to fix them this time.

Here's a question. Do you guys prefers longer captions or shorter captions? Would you like this one better if I just wrote something like "Erik thought all Asians were smart, but now he's an Asian girl and also a bimbo. Womp womp woooomp" only better? I mean, I like details and all, but this caption is 400+ words long, and there's a point where I start thinking that if people wanted a mini-novel, they would be over at FictionMania.

As you may have noticed, my link is now to my DeviantArt as opposed to my blog. Since I've started writing transformation stories, I intend to post every one of my works over at DeviantArt, caption and story alike.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Spring of Ubusha 3

Apparently, this was in my computer somewhere. I don't have much recollection of making it, but hey, maybe one of my other personalities did. I probably was avoiding posting it since I am reluctant to post two similar captions back-to-back, but there hasn't been much activity going on here, so what the hell.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ubusha 2

A sequel to Spring of Ubusha, since that one seemed popular.

Also, for any well-seasoned enthusiast of TG fiction (stories, captions, art, etc), you may be interested in my new blog.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


For those of you who enjoyed this caption, you may also like Katie M's Lolita TG Caps blog.


A little sexier than what I usually do here.
Note that while Muslim TG Captions tends to focus more strongly on modern Islamic women and their dress, I'll still post other kinds of Middle Eastern themed captions here.


Vietnamese re-education camps DO exist, and are nothing to fap about in real life.

Ley Tunnels

Ley Tunnels elaborates on an aspect of the Red Ochre universe. It's been used in some captions thus far, but until now hasn't been given a name or explained.
Also, there's a formatting error in this caption, which I apologize for. Unfortunately, due to the new thing I'm doing with the backgrounds, it makes it incredibly difficult to fix.